African Deities Go Toe To Toe In Iruo And Ali's Mobile Game

Tell us about ‘Throne of gods’?

‘Throne of gods’ is simply an epic combat game based on African mythology. Powerful African warriors, goddesses , monsters , demons, and every other awesome being go toe to toe against each other right on your mobile device.

What’s the genesis of the game?

I(Ali Akdogan) Initially named throne of gods, The Throne, and the story wasn’t about Africa. It was mainly about warriors from all ages and regions fighting for power. It wasn't even supposed to be a game but an animated movie. I was a lot younger and inexperienced then, day-dreaming about an awesome animated movie I had no idea how to make, I only drew all the characters and that was about as far as i went with it. Years later I began working on it again.

What is the size of your team?

Presently we are just two people working on the game . (Army of two)

How did you guys (your team) come together?

A very good friend of ours Genesis William Creator of the Short film "The Day They Came" told me that Ali Akdogan who I already knew, though we were not close then, wanted to make a fighting game; So I spoke to Ali and was immediately interested in the project but had to wait a while as I was working on my very first game to be published "Space Fighter Zero".

Why is your team so small; have you reached out to other developers to work on the game with you, if so what challenges did you meet in doing so?

Well a lot of factors. The first of which is the budget; an indie team developing their first major game from their pockets have very little options. Second, is the drive; when a project takes too long, people working on it often lose interest. I didn't want such experience. We plan to acquire a bigger team of professionals, once proper funding is secured.?

What is your role in the production of the game?

We get to do a lot of work basically but to cut it short, I handle the creative aspect and Iruo umusu handles the technical aspect.

How long have you been working on the game for?

We have been on it for about 2 years now.

How are you funding the game?

Power is a major problem here, but we do our best to work with the situation. There's presently no major backing on this project , so we are constantly gathering our resources to push it.

What are your plans for sourcing further funding?

We plan on releasing a demo version with two playable characters and launch a crowd-funding campaign alongside, to gather resources for the full official release.

How much of the game have you completed?

We're presently half way through completing the combat system and a short gameplay footage has been released for viewing.

What phase are you in the production of the game?

We are presently on programming and testing.

How have you been able to make so much progress on the game with the size of your team, zero funding and the epileptic power supply?

Extreme Passion, are the words. I(Ali) realized this is what I am here to do , make games. And I have taken it as a responsibility. I have to deliver. My only regret is i started late.

The quality of your game so far is great, and it is easy to tell that when it is done it will rival a lot of popular titles out there, most of which were made with some state of the art tech. What tech have you adopted in producing your game?

We appreciate your comment thanks. The game is being developed with unity 3d game engine and the characters were created and animated with 3ds max and Zbrush and some other tools.


 Playing a combat games can be a lot of fun, and your game is shaping up fine; is it as much fun to work on the game as it is to actually playing one?

It is the complete opposite. Problems and obstacles constantly come out of nowhere, and we have to keep making modifications, but we enjoy creating the characters.

What are some of your plans for ‘Throne of gods’

Our primary aim is to showcase Africa through interactive entertainment. Other plans will kick off as we progress.

When is the game going to be released to the public?

A demo version will be released towards last quarter of the year. Hopefully sometime next year I should be challenging you on your mobile device, when the full game is released.

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