What are the basic properties of hot melt?
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1, a softening point
       Softening point hot melt flow starting temperature, heat resistance can be used as glue, melting ease and open-time of about measure, the hot melt adhesive also select the reference data.
2, the melt viscosity
       The melt viscosity is a hot melt adhesive flow scale, melt coating process is an important data. Viscosity is related to the size of the adherend coating, wettability, permeability and drawing phenomenon.
3, a melt index
       Flowing through the inner diameter with a melt index 10MIN for 2.09MIN, long 7.06MIN molten mass body (G) is calculated, and therefore a large value indicates a low molecular weight, small value indicates a high molecular weight.
       The degree of branching also has a significant impact on the melt index.
4, hardness
       The hardness of the hot melt adhesive is a packaging, paper, staples, and other aspects of the application of fiber important physical properties, the heat resistance of rubber is about scale.
       In general, the hardness shows good heat resistance, and the open-time and short curing time. Durometer hardness available spring or rubber hardness measured at room temperature.
5, the open-time
       Exposed in time is the glue from over a period to be effective when exposed sticky laminated time and after curing has good adhesive properties, over this period of time, the adhesive properties declined significantly, not even stick Next, it is important to process performance hot melt adhesive. The main factors affecting the open-time there is the specific heat capacity of hot melt adhesive, coating temperature, the amount of adhesive, coating method, ambient temperature, substrate used was sticky preheat temperature and thermal performance, and so on. Actual use, after the glue should be quickly adhered to ensure sufficient adhesion properties.
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