• Hot melt adhesive is a solvent-free, non-volatile, thermoplastic rubber, raw materials used in full compliance with international environmental requirements, are environmentally friendly hot melt adhesives. And use i
  • 1, a softening point Softening point hot melt flow starting temperature, heat resistance can be used as glue, melting ease and open-time of about measure, the hot melt adhesive also select the reference data.2,
  • Non-woven fabric, is directed or random fibers constitute a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustion, easily biodegradable, non-toxic non-
  • You can use hot melt gun, put into a hot melt glue stick guns, plug in electric heating for a while, there will be a glue gun out of pulling the trigger. You can control the amount. Remaining on the gun again next ti
  • Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA), is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, mainly acrylic system - synthetic rubber - mixed resin adhesive. Which is characterized by excellent thermal stability, solvent-free, no
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